Black Nike Air Max 90 with Leg Irons


A new logo

I was getting tired of having to manage the size of my logo on watermarked images, so I have now switched to marking with a simpler logo:


SNKR.US is a portal page for Jake and myself. The logo is a clean, clear way to reach the person or people responsibly for images bearing this mark.

A few of my cuffs


New Nike Shox NZ
Me in Osiris D3 2001


Thank you to the guys who posted their insight into the eroticism of the Osiris D3. I think I have found that this particular style does excite me, and it makes me feel more than a little submissive.

Chained in Osiris D3 2001
The Erotics of Osiris D3 2001

I know a lot of guys find the Osiris D3 2001 quite irresistible. Jake doesn’t like them very much and I am a little undecided about how I feel about them.

For you guys who get into them, what is it that you find interesting/hot/horny about them? Please leave a comment to tell me your thoughts.



Chaining My Ankles in Nike Flight Falcon

Walking in Shox NZ and Chains

Sneaker Fetish Domains Available

Hey guys!

If anyone needs a domain name for a sneaker fetish related website, I am currently in possession of several domain names that I no longer need and would be willing to transfer. The domains are: SNEAKER.XXX, SNEAKERFETISH.ORG and BOOTFILES.NET

I will freely transfer the domains to whoever wants them (or one of them). If you are interested, reply to this post and I will get in touch to transfer the rights to the domain and explain the renewal procedures.

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