A few of my cuffs


New Nike Shox NZ
Me in Osiris D3 2001


Thank you to the guys who posted their insight into the eroticism of the Osiris D3. I think I have found that this particular style does excite me, and it makes me feel more than a little submissive.

Chained in Osiris D3 2001
The Erotics of Osiris D3 2001

I know a lot of guys find the Osiris D3 2001 quite irresistible. Jake doesn’t like them very much and I am a little undecided about how I feel about them.

For you guys who get into them, what is it that you find interesting/hot/horny about them? Please leave a comment to tell me your thoughts.



Chaining My Ankles in Nike Flight Falcon

Walking in Shox NZ and Chains

Sneaker Fetish Domains Available

Hey guys!

If anyone needs a domain name for a sneaker fetish related website, I am currently in possession of several domain names that I no longer need and would be willing to transfer. The domains are: SNEAKER.XXX, SNEAKERFETISH.ORG and BOOTFILES.NET

I will freely transfer the domains to whoever wants them (or one of them). If you are interested, reply to this post and I will get in touch to transfer the rights to the domain and explain the renewal procedures.

How To: Send Nifty Stories to Your Kindle

You will need:



  1. Download a plain text or HTML version of the story, or copy and paste the story body to your clipboard
  2. Open or Paste your story in the word processor
  3. Save the file as RTF, being sure to fill out the “author” and “title” fields
  4. Open Calibre, click Add Books, select your RTF file
  5. Verify the metadata (title and author), if incorrect or corrupt, right-click and select “Edit Metadata”
  6. Right-click the “book”, select “convert individually”. Use the heuristic processing tab, check the first box to turn it, click convert
  7. Save the file to disk (right click, save to disk)
  8. [a] E-mail the .MOBI file to yourself from the authorized address
    [b] Reference the Calibre manual to configure the e-mail sharing functions to send directly to the device


This will work for:

  • Nifty.org
  • MetalBondNYC.com/Stories
Only True Sneakerfreaks…


Probably true, and I also do this with my boots now as well. Just looks so much more clean and allows the focus to be on the sneaker or boot itself.

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